Week 6 term 3

In week 6, I revised how to round off decimals.

To round off decimals, you have to look at the last number eg. 246.64and if it is lower than four, you leave the previous number the same eg. 642.24, but if its higher than five, you make the previous number one digit larger than the last. eg. 333.456 = 333.46.

I also revised that;

  1. Another way of naming tenths, Hundredths, and thousandths are called decimal places.
  2. A place value system with 10 as a base. eg. (fractions) 1/10 1/100 1/1000
  3. Say the name of the digit and not the number.

week 4 reflection

In week 4, my class and I have been learning about decimals and place value charts. I learned that to place a decimal on a place value chart, you first have to create columns for tenths, hundredths, thousandths and the decimal place value.

I also learned that you are never supposed to say the number, only the digit  eg. Zero point Seven-teen is wrong but Zero point One Seven is correct.

A place value chart with decimals looks like this:

Tth      Th      H      T      O      .     Tths      Hths      Thths

2        .       3             4             6

4         .     7              5            3

Term 3 Week 4!!!!!!

In term 3 week 4, a man from the Hawthorn AFL team came to our school to talk to us about eating healthy. HE was also talking about how fatty foods are not good for you and that you should have five to eight servings of fruit and vegetables per day, and children should have about 12-13 hours of sleep at night!

 The food pyramid.

Italian Day

This week was really crazy but it was nice to start it off with a Roman Empire themed Italian day! The first activity that I did was Boccie. The way that you play Boccie is simple, you have to try and hit the small jack with a large ball in a team of more than two. Each team gets two bowls in one game and whichever team that gets their color ball closest to the jack wins the game.

At playtime, the ice-cream truck came and we had Gelati and Soft Serve. The options were; Sherbet, Sprinkles, plain soft serve or Gelati.

At lunch we had pizza and I had BBQ chicken because there was no more cheese!

Italian day was really amazing and I’m really sad that this is my last one!